According to Mandy of MediaMandy, YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine on the interweb. That’s amazing to me. I normally use YouTube to watch SNL skits. Or, when I am too sick to do much else, I fall down YouTube rabbit holes. It begins innocently enough, searching for uplifting TED talks and then three hours later I am watching some guy in Nova Scotia blowing up random shit in his driveway.  

YouTube has created many people who are now YouTube stars. I don’t know who any of these people are because I am clueless and probably totally missing out. I subscribe to some channels but I hardly ever watch the videos. I have to say some of my favorite videos are the young women who teach people how to put on makeup. They make me feel better about myself. There is no way I can do a fraction of what they are showing me  but they are so patient and upbeat, like foulmouthed 1st grade teachers.

It’s great.

We keep getting advice that we need to make videos. I just don’t know about this. I mean, what is there to do on a YouTube video that someone else hasn’t done much better? I guess that’s a dumb question since there are hundreds of blog posts about YouTube that are way better than this one and yet here I am, click clacking away.

So we’ll see. Maybe we will make a video and put it up. I could record myself folding a fitted sheet in under a minute. It’s really the only homemaking talent I have. That’s not true, I can shift around entire rooms full of furniture by myself and you should have seen me get one of those rolled up king sized mattresses up the stairs by myself.

I’m really good at cleaning out cupboards. Sheesh, I’m boring myself.

We’ll see. (That always means no.)

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