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Your Fave is Problematic

As I was doing research this week on Amy Poehler’s career, I admit that I came across a few things that made me uncomfortable.  The occasional tone deaf SNL skit, the recurring jokes about Pawnee’s obese residents and frequent mentions of Louis CK in Yes Please being amongst them.  This got me thinking about how to reconcile your love of an artist with their humanness and inevitable mistakes.

As a white woman who is genuinely trying to do better, I think about this a lot.  It finally occurred to me that thinking about it isn’t enough. We have to learn to talk about it.  Many women, myself included, live in fear of being called out on our mistakes. If that happens, then, GASP, we’re not perfect!  We’ve got to learn to call things out and hold people accountable. Otherwise, how will we learn, grow and do better? The hosts of the podcast, Your Fave is Problematic, Kristen Bennett and Elizabeth Nordenholt do just that.

Episode 29  of the podcast is devoted to our particular fave this week, Amy Poehler.  They discuss some of the issues they have with her work and various projects.  While I didn’t agree with all of their points, I love that they’re having the conversation.  It was interesting and thought provoking and I’m looking forward to adding this podcast into my rotation.

An update, as of August 3, 2020 the latest episode was early January of 2020. I haven’t been able to find out what is happening with the podcast and it’s future but the creators have great twitter accounts so that was a fun hour whiled away as my life passes me by staying in my house because some people refused to wear a mask and not go to events indoors. Wear a mask. Stay outside when socializing. It’s not winter and if you live in Florida I’m sorry it’s so humid, I don’t know how to help but you really need to stop getting together indoors without masks.

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  1. Liz
    Liz says:


    I was googling myself for reasons and came across this! Hi! I’m half of this podcast! I’m glad you enjoyed!

    Just wanted to let you know we do have plans to come back it’s just been challenging because of -gestures broadly-. We’re hoping to start doing a bunch of recording soon so we can start releasing episodes. In the meantime just wanted to say hi and glad you enjoyed!


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