I bet YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a great app and system. And if I ever get around to using it I bet it will change my life. They just came out with a paper version of the app. That sounds good, too.

Why haven’t I gotten around to using this life-changing system? Me, the woman who lectured her husband about fiscal responsibility for the entirety of the marriage? Where has all that fire and brimstone gone now that I have full control of my finances?

It seems to have burned itself out. Like so much of what was about me, this too seems to have altered. I used to stress out about every dollar that went into and out of our accounts but now I check my bank balances every day, pay all my bills online and do a relatively good job of living within my means.

All of this happened without an app or a financial system.

Maybe I am just taking a break and in a few months (or once A Year of F#ck NO ends) it will be time to get back to a closer tending of my financial life.

But for now the YNAB app languishes on my phone and that is okay.

For now.

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