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One of the things I love about writing this blog, is that it gives me an excuse to find new podcasts.  We decided to write about travel this week and I quickly realized that I didn’t have any podcasts in my repertoire that are related to travel.  What? That’s a huge gap in my listening library. I love to travel and also recognize that traveling as a woman comes with some unique challenges.  

Through the wonder of the internet and a quick search, I came across Women Who Travel, a podcast by Conde Nast editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey.  Even though Conde Nast has some work to do (close that pay gap, people!) they’re clearly doing something right with this delightful podcast.

I listened to the episode from June 3rd, How to Plan Your First Trip to Europe.  I’ve been to Europe and Aileen as not.  A trip together is high on our priority list, so I thought this would be a great listen.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Arikoglu and Carey share travel anecdotes, as well as practical advice, like plan, but don’t over plan, think about the kind of experiences you want and stresses you’re willing to endure, talk to locals not just about what to do, but also how to travel safely.  This episode was full of great tips, the best being that it’s okay to skip Paris on the first go-round.

The podcast has a private Facebook group for women to ask questions and share travel stories and tips.  Between that and the pile of previous episodes at my disposal, I’m planning to spend my summer travel dreaming of even more travel adventures.

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