when your friends make good business sense

When Your Friends Make Good Business Sense

I went to high school with a large number of smart and very nice girls. I am sure there were mean girls but I was not one of them since, in high school, I was the human equivalent of a golden retriever.

As you know, Felicia and I went to junior high and high school together. We had many friends in common. One of them was (and still is) Christine Mount. When we started Persistiny, Christine’s name came up almost immediately as someone we wanted to work with. She is calm without being listless. And funny and good with money and BONUS knows all the good places to eat.

Christine is also very good at crafts. I am crap at crafts and so is Felicia. We have about an ounce and a half of crafting ability between us. I can kind of sew and one time Felicia made a truly impressive LEGO cake. That about covers it.

Christine has a barrel and a half of creative crafting ability. Now, people like to make fun of women who craft but fuck those people. Crafting is hard. Have you ever tried to knit? It’s practically impossible, and forget about anything involving free hand drawing. My own mother used to make fun of my inability to draw a circle. My. Own. Mother.

It has become obvious that we need someone who understands and excels at something so many women love to do. Crafty Christine! Not crafty in a sneaky, “Heh heh heh, I’m so evil” way. Just like making beautiful objects from a pile of random stuff. I truly don’t understand how it happens.

And then it occurred to me, “Why are Felicia and I killing ourselves writing all these posts when we have fun, intelligent, interesting friends who could write waaaaay more interesting stuff!”

And so we will soon begin running guest posts from people we know and love.

There will be crafts and people who actually know how to cook and points of view from people we aren’t me and Felicia.

You have got to be tired of hearing from me. I am tired of hearing from me and I am me. It’s going to get much more interesting around here. And crafty! Maybe Christine can try and teach Felicia and I how to craft. I smell a YouTube video.

Stay tuned!

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