What an Exhausting Week

What an Exhausting Week

It’s been one hell of a week. If you follow our blog, you may have noted that we were uncharacteristically silent for the last 7 days. It turned out the news cycle was simply too much for us to bear.

We purposefully left the editorial week open to give us the flexibility to talk about the midterm results in real time. After our canvassing adventure, we were fired up and ready to celebrate some victories. We spent Tuesday anxiously texting one another between bouts in front of cable news, rage cleaning, and binging on leftover Halloween candy.  

We thought we would be able to post a write up of the delicious food and drink we consumed in Fresno, but we were simply too anxious. It was fine, everyone was fixated on results, so no one would be waiting for our weekly recipe challenge (which is about 50% mixed drinks and pictures of restaurant food). Lucky for you, you get to hear all about it this week.

On Wednesday morning we woke up to incredible news of victory in the House, with some notable and disappointing losses in highly visible Senate and Gubernatorial races.  We had half a moment to bask in the glow of the many Democratic victories before Donald Trump held a press conference from hell where he behaved as a spoiled, authoritarian dictator and fired his Attorney General.

I can’t speak for Aileen, but my body was still buzzing with anxiety, so I was in no shape to write anything on Wednesday. Another day gone. That was the good half of the week.

Thursday morning I woke to news of another tragic shooting in a neighboring community. I live in Santa Barbara and Aileen lives in Los Angeles.  Thousand Oaks is almost exactly in the middle of us. I have lots of friends in Thousand Oaks and spent the morning texting each of them to make sure that their college age children were all safe.  None of them lost a child, but each was directly connected to one of the victims.

Later that day the Hill Fire started in exactly the same community and I was reaching out to those same friends to see if they were safe as they evacuated their homes. A few hours later, a second fire flared up in the neighboring community of Simi Vally As of this writing, the fires have burned over 70,000 acres, forced 200,000 people to evacuate, burned 150 structures and killed 2 people.

So yes, it has been an exhausting and tragic week. We needed some extra self care which meant less social media and less blog posts. We hope you found some energy for self care this week too.  

But now we’re back to work and are ready to re-engage politically.  There are still important races to watch and ways to help. We’re in this for the long game. If you’re looking for somewhere to help, here are a few resources:

Hill/Woosley Fire Victims

Borderline Bar Victim Fund

Stacey Abrams Campaign

Forward Florida PAC

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