We Should All Be Feminists Reading Challenge

We Should All Be Feminists

Here I am again, with someone I greatly admire yet feel unequal to encapsulating in words. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks not only for herself but for all of us. We Should All Be Feminists is short, to the point and worth reading more than once. Adichie talks about feminism but also about what it means to be uniquely herself and a feminist.

“The first time I taught a writing class in graduate school, I was worried. Not about the teaching material, because I was well prepared and I was teaching what I enjoyed. Instead I was worried about what to wear. I wanted to be taken seriously…I wore a very serious, very manly and very ugly suit…I wish I had not worn that suit that day.”

Adichie goes on to talk about how if she had dressed how she wanted, with lip gloss and girly skirts, she would have been a better teacher for her students because she would have been more fully herself.

I could quote the entire book. Adichie talks clearly and thoughtfully about what why we should all be feminists and I for one couldn’t agree more. Here is a link to the TED talk from 2012 that is the basis for this excellent book. It is just under 30 minutes long and worth watching and sharing. 

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