watch whatever dumb garbage you want

Watch Whatever Dumb Garbage You Want

Far be it from me to argue with well meaning humans encouraging us to use this time to improve our minds by learning a new language or writing a book. That being said, I think you should watch whatever dumb garbage you want. No need for self-improvement, you’re fine just as you are. I mean, if you want to learn a language or write a book, do that. We’re all here just trying to get through. No judgment.

I finally managed to learn how to complete a knit stitch and it was so stressful I would have stabbed myself in the eyes with the knitting needles but I didn’t want to end up on that hospital ship the Navy sent to Los Angeles. That ship is for the victims of accidents or heart attacks, not bad tempered women who have no business teaching themselves to knit. If anyone depends on me to knit them clothing to survive, they are seriously fucked. 

So. I will share with you what I have been watching. 

I finished Schitt’s Creek and I have to say I want someone to believe in me the way Patrick believes in David. And if they looked at me the way Patrick looks at David…I get sweaty just thinking about it. 

I am in the middle of Fleabag because that is how far behind I am when it comes to what’s going on in the media. Watch Crashing on Netflix if you liked Fleabag. 

And I watched a bananas French show called Vampires that was about French vampires. It was weird and creepy and super sexy in that sly way French shows are. 

I also watched Jinn, another foreign language supernatural TV show where I’m not certain I understood everything that happened but it was good. Something about the release of a dangerous spirit and a super handsome young man who comes to help get it back to where it belongs. The main character is a young, competent woman who seems irritated by the powerful mythical handsome young man rather than scared, which I liked.

I learned nothing from any of these shows. They did not improve my mind or broaden my intellectual horizons. And that’s okay because I am a shivering basket of anxiety masquerading as an adult woman fulfilling her responsibilities. When this is over, I will go back to my attempt to watch all the episodes of NOVA  I can find on the PBS app.

But for now? Netflix just premiered season two of The Umbrella Academy.

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