Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh is fun! I really like apps that seem like a game but I am actually learning something. I don’t know why. I do not watch high brow TV, I read mostly genre fiction and I never took a standardized test if I could avoid it. I’ve never taken the SAT or the ACT or even a PSAT. Standardized tests aren’t my thing, I think I might be bad at them.

Anyway, here is the blurb from the Vocabulary Builder ad on the app store:

Build your vocabulary with Magoosh’s free vocabulary game for your iOS device. Quiz yourself every day to learn the 1200 most important words!

  • 1200 vocab words picked by an expert tutor
  • Definitions and example sentences for every word
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced vocabulary sections
  • Beat levels to unlock new words
  • Track your progress as you study

This app gives you free access to all of Magoosh’s general, GRE, SAT, and TOEFL vocab quizzes. Sign in with a Magoosh account (or create a new one) to save your progress to the web.

Why build your vocabulary? Well, according to Brett & Kate McKay over at The Art of Manliness:

“The overuse of a word to describe a wide range of seemingly unrelated things saps it of any meaning. If a corn dog, a YouTube video, a job promotion, and the Great Wall of China are all “awesome,” then awesome ceases to have any meaning at all. Think of your vocabulary like the dial on an amp – if it’s always turned up to 11, you don’t have anywhere to go when trying to describe something truly impressive. Your only resort is to add empty intensifiers: “But seriously, it was really awesome.” The less you use what should be a meaningful word, the more potent it becomes (this goes for swear words too, by the way).”

Come on, you know all this sounds like fun!

Hey! Where are you going?

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