viva las vegas

Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not my favorite place. I don’t gamble and I’m not much of a drinker and the less said about the way I dance the better. Why do people love Las Vegas? I think if I gambled I might understand. Or if I was a better dancer. I would say that maybe I am too old for Las Vegas, but the first time I went I was in my 20’s and I didn’t like it at all.

The second time I went, I spent most of my time looking at art. The ARIA Fine Art Collection has an outstanding array of public art. It is open 24 hours a day, there is no charge to see it and no reservations are required. Check out the brochure. I think that the fact I like to spend hours of my time in Vegas looking at art sort of lets you into my idea of Viva Las Vegas.

The last time I went to Vegas, Felicia and I went together. We stayed at a Wynn property. What a disappointment that whole experience was. In hindsight we wish we had spent more time researching where we stayed so we wouldn’t have given our money to a company that has consistently covered up for Wynn’s predatory, bullying behavior. Also, the service was bad. It seemed every time we wanted to do something, there was an employee there to tell us either no or keep moving or that’ll be A LOT extra (even though we had already paid a resort fee).

Why are we paying resort fees? Isn’t all that supposed to be included in the room charge? Is the resort fee exempt from room taxes and therefore helping to keep room charges lower? Who knows. I’m never staying at a Wynn property again so it doesn’t matter. To be honest, I would be fine never going to Vegas again.

Anyway, the positive take away from that trip was that after lots of talking, we fully committed to making Persistiny a reality. In the land of gambling and general mindless public fun, we decided that we were definitely going to start a business that focused on the daily personal lives of  women. The frustration of dealing with the staff at the casino was such that we also decided we needed an office. Traveling once a month to a hotel so we could work just wasn’t going to work. The service was so bad and inconvenient at the Wynn property it spurred us into brainstorming not only what we needed in an office but where it should be.

Where to go? What to do? We wanted to work over an entire weekend at least once a month, twice if we could swing it. No going out for every meal. Most importantly, we needed a place to shower and sleep. We needed an apartment. And the idea for the incubator was born. Strange that a place like Las Vegas, an impersonal land famous for drunken shenanigans that tend to lead to bad choices and debt, should have inspired us to realize what our business needed was a home base.

So we say a hearty thank you to America’s playground and Viva Las Vegas!

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