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Unladylike Podcast

Oh my friends. You are going to like the Unladylike podcast, especially if you were a fan of Stuff Mom Never Told You. Unladylike podcast is motivated by the concerns and frustrations stemming from the results of the 2016 election. And the years of research and scholarship performed by Cristen & Caroline, first for their jobs as print journalists and then with the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You, shine in this podcast. This isn’t two angry people randomly chatting about topics they read a few articles about online. That would be something I would do. No this is…well, let me go to their webpage so I get it right. 

Here is an excerpt from their website (I’m done attempting to rewrite stuff other people spent ages writing about themselves):

The process of cultivating our best selves and dreamiest lives is un-equally accessible for women, girls and gender-nonconforming folks everywhere. But by better understanding our unique identities, diverse lived experiences and underlying injustices, we can claim our space and make more room for others as well. That’s our Unladylike mission: To make inclusive, credible media that moves.

And it’s funny! Enjoy.

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