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A good economy never excuses putting children in cages. I can’t believe there are people who would argue against that statement, but there are. And yet the RNC dares to call us unhinged, as if we are overreacting. On a side note, I appreciate Republicans’ help in naming ourselves, rather like Hillary helped a subset of Trump supporters name themselves deplorables. I wonder if there is now a subset of deplorable Trump supporters who have changed their minds and are now feeling unhinged. They could call themselves unhinged deplorables. The point is, if you aren’t feeling at least somewhat unhinged, you aren’t paying attention. Or your life is your own personal shitshow, which, if it is, I am sorry.  I know how you feel.

In 2016, Older Son spent nearly every waking moment working to get Hillary elected. I footed the bill for Older Son’s volunteering (rather than insisting he get a paying job). It was my way of contributing to Hillary’s campaign. And anyone out there about to pitch their tired fit of “well, I work and can’t march or canvas or do anything these lazy, privileged Democrats do,” I would like to take this opportunity to tell you to fuck off. Because he chose to volunteer for what he felt would be a better America, Older Son has lived just at the poverty line for almost two years since the election. He recently went grocery shopping with a friend of his who apparently is still traumatized by the cost cutting maneuvers Older Son used to feed himself for a week. And if Hillary had won? He would still have lived hand to mouth.  Unlike that bag of lies Kellyanne Conway, there wasn’t a high paying job waiting for him at the end of the election. Older Son and I made conscious choices to go without so he could do work we both believed in. And you know what, if people have time to coat social media with their shitty attitude, they have time to donate to a cause they believe in. But some people would rather take pot shots at others living their beliefs rather than take the very real risk of living their own.

As the above attests, I am unhinged. And I am fine with that. The past two years have been…christ. What have they been?

Ugly. Mean. Reactionary.

And that’s just how I would describe my reaction.

The right has been worse, if that is at all possible.

When George F. Will urges his fellow (and genuinely beloved) Americans to vote against the GOP, you know you’re fucked.

If you aren’t my age or older, you might not understand who George F. Will is. He’s who Ben Stein wishes he was, a dilliegent thinker and often ruthless public intellectual. Intellectual ruthlessness isn’t something Americans praise as much as we should. Stephen Miller (architect of the family separation policy that ended with children in cages) works to be intellectually ruthless but he falls far short because his intellectualism lacks anima and blood and bone, and is therefore only cold and mean. I rarely if ever agree with George F. Will but I have read nearly every word he has ever written because there is rigorous thought behind them.

I love a good opponent because they help me hone my arguments. Unlike the few months when I was horrified to realize that I might agree with Sen Lindsey Graham, agreeing with George F. Will doesn’t upset me.

And lookee here, Graham has trotted back into the stinky Republican fold whereas Will has stood up and walked out.

A journalist murdered on tape and a White House that waits to hear from the murderers about how to respond. Thousands of children in tent camps kept out in the desert where they think we will forget they exist. Twitter. Tariffs. Tax cuts. North Korea. Alternative facts. Russia. Russia. Russia. Aaaand Russia.

“But the economy…” they begin.

“Might have been just as good under Hillary and bonus! None of this endless horseshit Trump has drug us all through.”

Vote in November. If you have never voted and feel anxious about the unknown, find a voting mentor. Everyone has that one political nut of a friend who has been to a City Council meeting. Talk to them. They will gladly help you. And if you don’t want to go out and vote for your own benefit, think about Older Son. He’ll be in Reno the weekend before the election, canvassing for Democrats on his own dime. And he still doesn’t have that many dimes. But off he’ll go, ever hopeful. So if you are registered and it’s election day, please go and vote. Older Son would really appreciate it.

Everyone wins when everyone votes.

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