Uncle Joe's Donuts

Uncle Joe’s Donuts

Okay, in my defense I would like to say that I remade the Mediterranean salad for a luncheon I went to on Tuesday. So I did cook this week. Just not something new. But, Felicia and I went to Golden Deli (the one in Temple City) and a trip to that delicious place (we didn’t take picture of our food because we ate it too fast) is never complete without a trip to Uncle Joe’s for a donut. Or two. Or twelve.

Uncle Joe’s is in a strip mall across the street from the wonderful San Gabriel Nursery. So, my favorite outing is Golden Deli for food, San Gabriel Nursery for plants then Uncle Joe’s for donuts. And lotto tickets, they have a lot of those. They also make breakfast sandwiches that I bet are delicious.

Anyway, if you are ever anywhere near San Gabriel and want a fun day out I humbly suggest the above sequence.

You’re welcome.

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