to all the business books we sort of read

To All the Business Books We Sort of Read

Whenever I start something new, I get a book about it. So does Felicia. We are nerds, and this is what nerds tend to do. We read up and then we get started. Luckily for us, this new business idea we have is so far outside what we usually do, we would get about halfway through a book then stop because we reached the end of our understanding and had to go do things to catch up to the advice in the book.

Why is that lucky? Because we learned from people who were doing what we needed to understand. We were so bad at social media, we had to hire someone to set up our business Facebook account. Thanks, Monique, for never laughing at us for that one. And for all the times we were just generally, hopelessly incompetent.

But we are better now. Not because we read business books, but because we have been talking to people who work in the business we want to be in.

That is the huge difference between being students and being business people. We have been good students and we knew how to do that. And this business thing uses many of the skills we developed as students. But there is something missing in this endeavor that existed in school.


We don’t get graded. And we liked grades because we got good grades. Well, Felicia always got good grades. I only started getting good grades when I went back to college around age 26. And then I never got anything lower than an A because I was paying for the classes and I am cheap and I thought that earning an A proved I was getting better value for my money.

There are no grades in business. Well, there are restaurant grades and some sort of grading system for bonds. Upgrading and downgrading or something like that? I need to learn more about money management if I want to have a retirement plan more comprehensive than, “Dead by 70.”

So how do we keep track of our progress? I’m sure the business books have many ways to track success. Okay, I have to admit something here. I only read half of one business book whereas Felicia read many more. This is very similar to our parenting, Felicia read many parenting books whereas I skimmed an outdated copy of Dr Spock before giving it away.

So where does this leave us? I think, in a good place. We are willing (Felicia is willing) to read books as needed but what really matters is that we are ready to just get to work. The doing of the thing as a way of learning the thing is a time honored way of advancing knowledge. And we aren’t doing all this without guidance. We have mentors who know the business we are interested in and we check in with them periodically to gauge our successes and failures. They don’t give us grades, they give us guidance. Like those hippie schools that give written commentary rather than grades.

So this is our salute to all the business books we sort of read.

Thank you for all your good advice and good night (it’s midnight, I really need to go to bed).

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