The perfect vodka soda

The Perfect Vodka Soda

Originally I was going to make apple pie bars for this week. But sometimes in life there is just not enough time for baking. But there is always time for a nice glass of the perfect vodka soda. If there was ever a week in Felicia and my’s collective life that needed an adult beverage, it is this week. Maybe your week is going very well. Then you could celebrate with this simple and delicious libation! Unlike whiskey and tequila, which for me require a social occasion to break out, vodka can come out of the cupboard on a Tuesday night and I still feel okay with my life choices. So here is the recipe.


  • Fizzy water of your choice. Felicia and I prefer Gerolsteiner because it is very sharp and holds its fizz.
  • Vodka of your choice. Whatever your budget and palate can handle is usually where most people come down.
  • Citrus slices of your choice. Felicia prefers lemon, I prefer lime and one time I used a couple slices from Six’s easy peel mandarin oranges because that is all I had in the house. It was delicious but I felt kind of guilty putting my kid’s fruit in my alcoholic beverage so I’ve never done it again.
  • Ice, as much as you want.


Pack whatever size glass you want with ice. Pour as much vodka as you think you can handle over the ice. Swirl it around so it gets nice and cold. I have no idea why I do this step but I do. Pour in fizzy water. Stir. I use a stir stick from a tiki bar in Ventura Felicia and I like to go to. We call it a work dinner. It isn’t. We don’t attempt to write any of it off our taxes so it’s okay. Garnish with whatever citrus you choose. Consume responsibly.

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