The Last Weekend

No matter your party, the final weekend before the election will be a busy one. If you are interested in being a part of the push to flip the House, The Last Weekend website will help connect you to a race research has indicated is likely to swing Democrat.

There are endless opportunities. Phone banking, donating money or supplies, and even canvassing if you are feeling up to it.

The best way to do this work is in pairs or a group. You do not have to do this alone. Find a friend, a relative, hell even a kid as long as they are tweenish or older. Older Son phone banked for Obama in 2008, we think he might have changed some dude in Kentucky’s mind. Who the hell knows, but it’s better than waking up the day after the election and thinking, “If only I had done more.”

It is all hands on deck from now until every last Republican who has supported Trump and his inhumane policies are either voted out of office or persuaded that it is time to change their tune. This election is important but so is 2020, 2022, 2024…all of them matter. We know that now. No going back to tuning in a week before the Presidential election. We know now how closely we have to keep our eyes on these people. Last time we took an election for granted, Donald Goddamn Trump slunk into the Oval Office. And if we think the Republicans couldn’t possibly come up with someone worse than Trump, remember when some of us thought George Bush Jr. was scraping the bottom of the Republican candidate barrel?

Republicans will always find a way to go lower.

For everyone gearing up for an on the ground GOTV (Get Out The Vote, the last major push to connect with voters) this election, get some sleep now. Eat regularly while you can, hydrate and do your laundry. If you are driving, stock your car with snacks (in hotter climates get ones that won’t melt in the heat) and those refillable water bottles that keep things nice and cool. Get your hands on some cash and some coins (not all parking meters take cards) to cover parking and, if you are lucky, a trip to Sonic. If you are on foot, please think about wearing shoes with more arch support than Vans (this is directed at Older Son who canvassed for Hillary in Iowa in the snow while wearing canvas Vans). Pack clean socks, a lightweight refillable water bottle and sun block . And cash, Sonic has walk up windows. But most of all, do your reading. Get to know the district you are working in (if it isn’t your home district). I once bought and then wore a baseball hat with the local high school’s mascot on it and people were much more receptive to me. Felicia and I have signed up to volunteer for TJ Cox in CA District 21. Before someone gets their pants in a bunch, please realize that we were raised in Manteca. Go look it up, I’ll wait.

See? We are qualified to speak to voters in CA-21. We know what it is to live in what the majority of Californians consider the fly-over region of California. We know that there is much more to California than San Francisco and Los Angeles. And we want to hear what voters have to say. GOTV isn’t so much an effort to change people’s minds as it is an effort to listen to people speak their minds and see if we can find some common ground.

And find a local Sonic.

Look alive out there, we’ll be rooting for you!

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