The Guilty Feminist: Episode 150

The Guilty Feminist: Episode 150

We have recommended The Guilty Feminist Podcast before. This particular episode, #150, struck me. The topic is disobedience and how do we engage in acts of disobedience on a daily basis. Episode 150 talks about disobedience and much more.

Disobedience must act counter to something. Patriarchy is an obvious force to act out against and I respect that train of behavior. How do we act out against patriarchy? How can we do it every day?

What are some micro-disobediences we can engage in? I listened to the podcast a week ago and I am still mulling this over. I am unwilling to live my entire life as an ongoing act of protest. But I can sure as hell rock the boat on a regular basis.

But how? When? Where? And most importantly, why?

I don’t have any solid answers. But I keep thinking about it.

Disobedient. What does it mean? I have an OED so I’m going to look it up. Okay, I like this definition: guilty of breach of prescribed duty.

How can I be guilty of breaching prescribed duty?

Listen to the episode and see what you think. I am not sure yet what I am thinking about this but I am thinking about it.

Disobedient. An accepted synonym?



The Guilty Feminist: Episode 150

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