The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is such an excellent podcast.  I love it so much.  Whenever I listen to it, I laugh and laugh and laugh.  The best part is when I listen to it with headphones in public (I like to listen to it while grocery shopping) and I laugh and snort for seemingly no reason.

The premise of the podcast is spelled out near the beginning of each episode by host, Deborah Frances-White.  I will quote here since it is so well said:

“The guilty feminist, the podcast in which we explore our noble goals as 21st century feminists and the hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them.”

Every episode of the podcast I have listened to is recorded at a public performance, so there is an audience I can laugh right along with.  The episode we are recommending this week is #82, Emotional Labour with Dana Alexander.  The podcast is British, hence the spelling of labor. This episode is incredibly funny, even as it addresses a serious topic, the emotional labor women perform on a daily basis in a wide variety of circumstances.  Dana Alexander is an American comedian joining the host of the Guilty Feminist, Deborah Frances-White, at the Edinburgh Fringe in August of 2017.

The conversation is funny, but also touching, as it sticks close to the main topic of emotional labor. From responses to street harassment, to how a fellow comedian’s response to a comedy show was received within the comedy community and how that response led to consequences for many people, this episode gives insight into the varied types of emotional labor women perform.

It’s a joy and a relief to have a podcast that shines a light on feminist concerns without taking itself very, very, very seriously. Feminists are human, we aren’t perfect and no one adheres to every single ideal of feminism perfectly at all times.

Feminist and fun, what more can you ask for?

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