The Great Courses Plus

The Great Courses Plus

Alright, nerds. Take this down. You can have access to The Great Courses Plus, which is a streaming service full of lectures about everything you have ever wanted to know about, for 10 bucks a month (30 dollars every three months). “But I am not a nerd,” you might be thinking. Come on. Everyone is a bit nerdy. Well, except for Joan Jett. She is the epitome of cool, at least according to me. If I could be anyone besides myself or Alice Bowman, I would be Joan Jett. But I would just ruin her cool by being a compete and utter nerd so better not. Where was I?

What courses are there, you might ask?

Knitting 101 (I still cannot knit but that is not the fault of this course. I suck at anything that involves yarn. Many people have attempted to teach me to crochet. Still no luck on that front, either.)

Language Families of the World (This is one of my absolute favorites. Taught by Professor John McWhorter, Ph.D. you will not believe how much this man knows. And his enthusiasm for the topic is catching. He also hosts a podcast.)

The Roman Empire (what a disaster this turned into!)

Introduction to Astrophysics (I understood about half of this but that is only because I am a blockhead)

Understanding Russia: A Cultural History (absolutely outstanding)

Guide to Wines of California (I hate to admit it, I fell asleep halfway through but that is because I drank a bit too much of a very nice Rosé)

The Essential Guide to Italy (haven’t watched it yet but you know I am going to)

And that is just a short list of the newer lectures. I cannot tell you how much I love this service. Aside from Spotify and Netflix, this is the thing I turn on. If you are interested in a topic, they more than likely have a lecture about it. You can also listen to the lectures like you would a podcast so if you drive a lot or like to listen to podcasts at work, this might be for you and the price cannot be beat! We are getting absolutely no money or perks for recommending The Great Courses Plus to you so be assured that this is the real nerdy deal.

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