Calculus or romance

The Calculus Diaries

Okay. The Calculus Diaries is beyond me. It started out okay and then there were drawings of things and then descriptions of other things and then I was totally lost.

So I reread my favorite Regency romance by Loretta Chase! It’s called The Sandalwood Princess. It’s hard to find, it might even be out of print. Check your local library or used bookstore. Let me see if it is available on Amazon. You can buy it used or get a kindle version but the kindle version cover is pretty unattractive.

It’s a great story. No steamy sex (traditional Regencies were squeaky clean). If you have ever read or heard of Georgette Heyer, she wrote Regencies. Regency romances are modeled on Jane Austen’s novels. Anyway, The Sandalwood Princess is one of the outstanding examples of the genre. There’s love and betrayal and revenge and humor and of course people drinking tea and falling in love.

So calculus or romance?  Guess what I chose.

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