Texting the Avocado Stickers

Texting the Avocado Stickers

Hang on, I’m trying to shove half a muffin in my mouth. I snuck one out of the freezer without telling Six and he’s pounding down the stairs. If he catches me I will be in huge amounts of trouble because I told him he couldn’t have a muffin until after lunch. Why don’t I have to wait until after lunch to eat a muffin (you might be asking yourself)? Because I am 45 years old and in the past two years I have buried my mother and gotten divorced. I can have a muffin whenever I want. But those reasons do not hold water with a six year old so like I said, let me shove this thing in my mouth and then we’ll get to what I’m supposed to be talking about.

What am I supposed to be talking about? Let me check. Avocado stickers! These little lovies are the best thing that has happened to my phone since Waze and before Waze the best thing that happened to my phone was Yelp so these little cuties are very important to me.

I found them when I was perusing the app store (I have an iphone and I am embarrassed to say that I don’t know if they are available for Android and since I am late writing this I have no time to check). They are designed by Lisa Vertudaches and if you have time please do the entire world a tiny favor and click on her homepage, the link is right here and you will not be sorry.

I’ll wait.

See, she’s amazing. Funny and bright but right where other illustrators often veer toward saccharine, she goes her own way and it is brilliant. And hilarious.

Which is why I have been texting her little avocados to people ever since I found them in January. This afternoon Felicia and I will try to see if we can somehow embed one or two of them into this blog post so you can enjoy them.*

If you have an iphone, I highly recommend them.

Avocado stickers make my day brighter, they annoy my older son and they are freeeeeeeee! That is the smartphone bargain of the century. After Yelp and Waze.

* Note from Felicia: We figured it out!  Enjoy!


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