FedEx Small Business Grant Persistiny

FedEx Small Business Grant

We entered the FedEx Small Business Grant contest! What is that, you say? It’s a contest sponsored each year by FedEx. Qualifying companies can enter by filling out a short application starting February 1st through March 25th. Friends, family and fans of your business can vote once a day from February 27th through April 1st. The top 100 finalists are announced on April 5th. From those finalists, FedEx selects 10 winners, 1 gold who receives $50,000, 1 silver who receives $30,000 and 8 bronze winners who receive $15,000. Read more

Notes From the Home Office

I really like that title, Notes from the Home Office. Sounds very British and stern. It’s not. It’s from me so how stern could it be? This week I am talking about working from home.

I suck at working from home. I wash dishes, clothes, countertops and dirty tennis shoes. I tidy and vacuum. I organize the kitchen cupboards and clean out the fridge. What I don’t do is research and then write down my blog posts. I heard you rolling your eyes at the word research. There is some research behind all this. Felicia does a good amount of it and when we figure out how to borrow someone’s login, we’ll have access to JSTOR and then watch out. Read more

Persistiny swag


Swag! It used to be the only swag I liked was a free pen. Everything else irritated me. I received two shopping totes in one day last week and donated both of them. I look dumb in baseball hats because (through no fault of my own) I have a big head and I look like that kid in the Hey Arnold! cartoons when I wear them.  Tshirts? Not unless they are low necked and dark colored. And there should be a law banning me from wearing polo shirts. Polypropylene tote bags, flash drives, stress balls? Nope. Nope. Nope.

So when we talked about things to put our logo on, I was stumped. Read more

How I Built This podcast love

How I Built This

It’s another Guy Raz podcast!  In this delightful NPR show, Raz applies his excellent interview skills toward founders of famous companies.  It’s an hour of inspirational storytelling at its finest, as Raz and his guests dig deep into the backstory behind some of our favorite brands and products.  I think the best episodes are of female founders. There are so many inspiring stories of companies created by women, including Bumble, LÄRABAR, Eileen Fisher, Learnvest, Stitch Fix, Radio One, the list goes on and on. After Kate Spade’s untimely death, I listened to the lovely memorial and cried throughout the entire episode.  I also really loved the story of immigrant Tariq Farid, who created Edible Arrangements. Read more

Female Founders Fund Talent Crush

Female Founders Fund

An early-stage fund investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent.

That line is taken directly from the Female Founders Fund’s webpage. Sounds like a bunch of feel good bullshit business jargon, doesn’t it? And if the fund failed to deliver, it would be. Read more

Ina Garten

Dame Stephanie Shirley

After watching her engaging and humorous TED talk, I was later surprised to learn that Dame Stephanie Shirley had to work hard at improving her public speaking skills. In the process of learning about this extraordinary woman, I realize that she has worked hard at nearly every aspect of her life to craft, as she put it, “a life that was worth saving.” Read more