Persistiny Milestones

Persistiny Milestones

I often become focused on my lists and calendars and living into the future so much so that I often do not notice what I have accomplished. Felicia is, amazingly, more guilty of this than I am. What she can accomplish in a set amount of time is mind boggling.

So when we decided to start a business, it should have been obvious that we would have a collective blindspot when it came to keeping track of, stopping to recognize,  and celebrating our accomplishments.

Nope. Read more

Carving out time to be businessy

Carving Out Time to be Businessy

I’m supposed to be writing about carving out time to be businessy because I spend a lot of time complaining about it to Aileen, or really anyone who will listen to me.  I’ve been a stay at home mom for the last 17 years. I consider it my job and I’m really good at it. I have lots of experience and according to most metrics, I’m successful.  I also love the work that I do, but I often describe it as having terrific benefits, with lousy pay and long hours. Read more

Cozi App Review


I live and breathe by the calendar on my electronic devices.  I have all of the kid’s schedules in one place, color coded, so I can see where everyone should be and when they need to be picked up.  But, since I’m never satisfied, I was curious to find out if there might be a better solution. I decided to check out Cozi, a family organization app, where you can house each family member’s schedule in one place.  They also offer a ton of other features, including a recipe box, shopping list, to do list, printable planner pages and a journal. All of these features are offered for free, with in app banner advertising. You can access more features and get an ad free experience for $29.99 per year.  It appears that the paid version allows for search options and more personalization. Read more