cheesiest broccoli soup

Cheesiest Broccoli Soup

The hot weather is here early this year because we haven’t got anything else going on so why not make it stupefyingly hot in May? When summer comes I tend to switch my eating habits to bagged salad, sandwiches and take out. Let’s be honest, my winter menu is pretty similar but I make a lot of soup as well. Cheesiest Broccoli Soup might be my last soup until October. Read more

Easy Chocolate Chip Scones

Easy Chocolate Chip Scones

I said I am not wasting resources baking. What did I mean by that? It means I still have bread so I’m not going to bake any until I run out of the bread I have in my fridge. If I run out. Let’s hope I don’t because the only loaf I know how to make is super basic so it won’t look impressive on Instagram. So this week is easy chocolate chip scones because I have been making these for 25 years and I can make them on autopilot. Read more

Homemade mashed potatoes and gravy

Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Originally, I was going to make a turkey meatloaf to go with the homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. There were a few reasons why I didn’t. One, my younger son developed a horrible cold that lasted a week and a half and I never had time to go shopping for all the ingredients and make the entire meal. Two, I already have a turkey meatloaf recipe I like. I think meatloaf is a lot like love in that there is no accounting for taste. What one person adores another will think is a sociopathic jerk. Three, I wanted to make the mashed potatoes and gravy for a very personal reason so I kept that portion of the challenge and let the meatloaf portion go. Four, Contessa Garten’s version of meatloaf calls for 5 pounds of meat. It would take my little family weeks to eat that much. All that being said, we will include her recipe for meatloaf since it looks delicious and maybe you are both in need of a meatloaf recipe and you have a large group of humans that need feeding.

Read more

Sidecars with dried cherries and crackers

Sidecars with Dried Cherries and Crackers

Oh by gosh, by golly, it’s time for cognac soaked dried cherries! We drank so many sidecars I was a wee bit hungover the next morning, but they tasted so good I didn’t care. Sidecars with dried cherries and crackers is an excellent way to spend an evening.

I urge you to make these drinks with your friends. Heck, make them with your enemies and they might become your friends. We made the sidecars exactly as directed and they were delightful. Read more



Tasty is fun to watch, but I have to admit that I have only ever made one thing from it and that didn’t turn out very well.  I am more than willing to say that the failure is probably my fault since, as I have said on many occasions, I am not a very knowledgeable cook.  And that is my problem with Tasty as a recipe app.  The basic things are stuff I already know and for the more advanced stuff, I need more information than is provided. Read more

Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts

Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts

I had to buy doughnut pans from Amazon because I couldn’t find them in the local shops or big box stores. The trend for cinnamon baked doughnuts has passed, so it makes perfect sense that I would now attempt them.

I am not what anyone would describe as trendy. Not because I eschew trends on principle, it’s more that I am not paying very close attention to what other people are doing. I have enough trouble keeping up with what I am supposed to be doing. Read more