I bet YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a great app and system. And if I ever get around to using it I bet it will change my life. They just came out with a paper version of the app. That sounds good, too. Read more

The Index Card

The Index Card

The Index Card by Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack gives solid advice to people who worry about their financial life but have very little time and money to spend on it. That’s pretty much everyone I know.

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The Price of Motherhood Reading Challenge

The Price of Motherhood

I am a social sciences nerd. Give me that data! This book hit on all cylinders for me. The Price of Motherhood is written by Ann Crittenden, former reporter for the New York times, financial writer, lecturer, economics commentator, Pulitzer Prize nominee and mother.  It’s a well researched history and analysis of the impact that motherhood has on the economic and social standing of women. Every page of my copy is covered in notes, highlights, and lots of WTF?! and Really???? Read more

Thoughtful Charity

I want my daughters to be generous adults. But I want them to be purposeful in their giving rather than giving mindlessly or out of guilt.

Please allow me to tell you the story of what I attempted when they were in their teens. It was just after Christmas and my husband and I wanted to give a sizeable (for us) donation to a charity.  We invited them to select the charity to which we sent the money. Fortunately, they took us seriously and put thought and effort into the decision. Read more

cost of being a SAHM

The Economic Cost of Being a SAHM

Here’s one calculation of the cost of being a SAHM.If a woman making 50k a year leaves the workforce for three years to take care of a child, the lost wages and retirement benefits equal up to about half a million dollars.

Half a million dollars.

For. Three. Years. Read more

WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women Podcast Love

WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women

I really enjoy WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women. Don’t be fooled by the name, it isn’t about making money so much as how to position yourself for success. Many in America equate money with success so the name is understandable. But what they tend to talk about is how women are crafting the lives they want for themselves. For some women success is wealth but for others it is being a part of policy making decisions in either government or large corporations. For others it is owning their own business or getting an education. Read more



I spent my entire marriage lecturing my ex-husband about the importance of budgeting our income. He never really warmed up to the idea and since I was already nagging him about so much other stuff, I left it alone.

We always spent everything we made but we had a lot of fun so it was fine.

Now we are divorced. I have full control over my finances. Crap. Now I have to follow all my lecturing and put together a budget. Putting together a budget is the easy part. Sticking to it is the challenge. Read more

Planet Money

Planet Money

Planet Money Podcast started in September of 2008, just as Americans began to realize the breadth and depth of the global financial collapse. The collapse was not only wide ranging, it was confusing. What in the hell happened?! Planet Money wasn’t the only attempt by NPR to examine and explain what went wrong but it was remarkably popular and has remained so for the past ten years.

There is so much about money to be confused about. I welcome anything that can explain to me why so many people who deal in blockchain end up in prison. Or how Doordash impacts the future of the fast food french fry. My favorite episode of late is the one that explains how negative interest rates are possible. Yes. Money is lent out and then less than the principle is paid back. Whaaaat?!

At about 20 minutes an episode, Planet Money is an excellent listen for laundry folding sessions. I usually get through 2 episodes a week which is good, since this podcast comes out with new episodes twice a week. In my attempt to educate myself as I bundle socks, I often end up sitting on the side of the bed with my laundry unfolded avidly listening to stories about where social security numbers came from and why female employment has stagnated over the past 20 years. I apologize in advance for slowing your laundry folding regime but I promise this podcast is worth it.

Here’s a recent episode I enjoyed about women in the workforce. 



The first time my older son asked me if I had a Venmo account, I honestly replied that I had no idea what he was talking about. The second time he asked me if I had a Venmo account, I lied and said that I did not. Why would I lie to a child I love more than life itself? Read more

The Index Card

Emotional Financial Planning

What is emotional financial planning? When I do not have a handle on my emotional life, my financial life suffers. My mother died two years ago and my financial life turned into a disaster. I had some expenses tied to travel that were difficult to cover but that isn’t why my financial life suffered. It suffered because my emotions were all I could deal with. Paying bills and keeping track of a budget were impossible tasks I pushed down the to-do list over and over until it got so bad I had to do something. And what I had to do was pay a lot of late fees and make phone calls asking for extensions and feel generally miserable about my inability to handle being an adult. Read more