Barbara Wawas Instagram

Barbara WaWas Instagram

Older Son has set up an instagram account for Barbara Wawas! It’s possible he did it so I would stop asking for pictures. No matter. Follow @realbarbarawalters and enjoy! Read more

Barbara WaWa is Here!

Older Son adopted a dog! See photo above. I am so excited I can’t stand myself. We moved a lot when I was a kid so we didn’t have a lot of your standard pets. My mom bought me a parakeet once but I was very afraid of it. We had fish but fun as they were to watch, petting and fetch were not an option. My mom was always feeding these crazy ginger stray cats that she named Morris, I think in total there were 5 of them over the years, but they were basically feral and liked only her. We finally got an indoor cat when I was in high school. His name was Stanley and if you petted him just right he would drool. And as an adult I had two cats, Muriel and Tony. More about them later. But a dog is a different pet all together.

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