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Stuff Mom Never Told You

“Tune in to Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast to hear host Anney Reese keep it real with a research-driven rundown of the ever-evolving challenges facing women today and throughout history, paired with smart, strategic solutions to further women’s lives, careers, and activism.”

Recent episode topics:

Princesses and Evil Step Mothers : Would you rather be a princess or an evil stepmother? Because for a long time, those were the only two paths open to women and girls in Disney movies. Guests Jamie and Caitlin of the Bechdel Cast join the show to discuss the representation of women in movies.

No Means No the First Time : Dating scripts and popular media teach us that with persistence, a ‘no’ can be turned into a ‘yes’. But no means no. The first time.

Asian-American Identity : Friend of the show Sonam Vashi stops by to delve into the history and future of what it means to be Asian-American.

Women in Tabletop Gaming : In this bonus interview, we continue the conversation around women in tabletop game development with Heather O’Neill and Heather Wilson of 9th Level Games.

Ariana Grande and the Question of ‘Too Woke’ : Miranda Hawkins gives Anney a rundown on Ariana Grande’s music video ‘Thank U, Next’, and questions around what it is to be ‘woke’.

Women In Entertainment Production : What is it like for women working behind the scenes of film and television these days?

Are We Failures? : In the first episode of a mini-series looking at trauma and sexual assault, Anney and guest co-host Samantha discuss the question of failure.

There are also hundreds of past episodes of Stuff Mom Never Told You to delve into. Podcasts by women with a focus on women have a special place in my heart. 

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