Stacey Abrams Talent Crush

Stacey Abrams

This week’s Talent Crush was a tough choice. There are over 100 women heading to Congress with a whole lot of firsts among them. We’ll profile as many as we can over the coming months, but I thought it would be great to start with a candidate whose fate is still up in the air.

Stacey Abrams is doing the thing that I wish more democratic candidates would do – NOT CONCEDING! It drives me nuts when high profile candidates concede before every vote is counted.  Al Gore did it too soon, Hillary Clinton did it too soon and Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Gillum did it too soon. Maybe I’m particularly sensitive to it having lived in California my whole life, but it feels disrespectful to call an election before every vote is counted, but I digress, Stacey Abrams…

Along with many progressives, I’ve been watching her campaign closely, hoping for an historic win as the first black female governor, ever. I was charmed by her education, public service experience, passion and love for Georgians.  I donated to her campaign and wrote postcards to voters in Georgia. I watched as Oprah canvassed for her and Obama spoke her praises, with hope that their efforts would push her over the edge. I laughed as Mike Pence stuck his foot in his mouth and insulted GA’s profitable film industry and tried to put his popularity on equal footing with Oprah’s.  What a joke.

The election results in that race made me nervous all day, knowing that her opponent, Brain Kemp was the Secretary of State, in charge of his own election.  His efforts at voter suppression were well documented and carried over to election day, where voters, primarily people of color, waited in line for hours and encountered broken voting machines.

Stacey Abrams is an expert in voting rights, so I was thrilled when she refused to concede in the face of a razor thin margin and obvious voter suppression. Regardless of the final outcome, it is high time that we show Republicans that we will no longer tolerate the silencing of voters of color. We are watching and we will hold them accountable.  There is no more important issue if we want to protect our democracy.

As you may imagine, most campaigns spend every dollar getting out the vote before election day.  Efforts to count votes and pursue legal courses to ensure an accurate count are expensive. If you care about this election and can afford a few bucks, you can donate here.  I’m still hold out hope for a runoff election on December 4th. I’ve already looked up flights to put my new found canvassing skills to work if it happens.

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