Spring is Here, Time to Throw Sh#t Out

Winter is the season wherein getting me to go anywhere is nearly impossible. There is whining, excuses and sometimes I just sit down on the couch and refuse to move. It isn’t pretty but it is fun. At least for me. This winter I attempted to learn to knit. I totally failed but there’s always next year.

As happens every year, spring has sprung so now it’s time to clear out the clutter I accumulated over those sweet, sweet winter months of near hibernation.  

I’ll keep the knitting needles and maroon yarn but the roughly 736 paper airplanes Six and I crafted over the past few months need to be recycled. Also, Six has officially outgrown the board books on his shelf so those need to be sorted and then either donated or put into storage. Shelf space is at a premium around here so no keeping the baby stuff around.

Every room needs to be gone through. Kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and that greatest of wastelands, the living room. Here is my game plan. Yours will obviously be different.  


Kitchen cupboards, the back of the fridge and that slender space between the cabinet and the fridge, all these places need to be examined and divested of whatever has settled there. Dust, old cheese, half eaten bags of weird snacks that seemed interesting at the time but appear just plain bizarre in the bright light of spring. Also, there are seven mugs in the cupboard that weren’t there in October. How do they keep getting in? Rats are less sneaky.


All the good smelling stuff I got for Christmas has to be either used up or chucked out because spring is here and I need new lotions and bath bombs and whatnot. Also, the bath toys are starting to smell weird. Time to rinse them in a bleach solution then leave them in the sun to dry.


Mostly clothes and shoes need to be reviewed, thrown out or folded and put up on high shelves for next winter. We destroyed a few pairs of shoes and ruined a couple sweatshirts painting Six’s lego table so those need to go but aside from that it’s mostly pants Six outgrew. Make a note: I really need to buy him new shorts. None of his fit, they are all hilariously short. Also, I need to feed the plants in my room, they are looking a little wan.

Living Room

Throw away everything that isn’t furniture and lamps and books. No one will notice. Need to stop buying so many art supplies, they are taking over my house. Maybe they are in cahoots with those damn mugs.

That is really about it as far as spring cleaning goes for me. I’ll check the batteries in the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and if I lose my mind I’ll wipe the dust off the fan blades and maybe vacuum the wall unit A/C filter.


While unearthing squashed paper airplanes from under the couch, I found my copy of the first novel in the Veronica Speedwell Series, A Curious Beginning. Yeah! The fourth in the series just came out so I can do a quick catch up before getting the new one. Here’s hoping you find something wonderful under your couch. In the name of full disclosure I feel I must inform you that in addition to a book there were an embarrassing number of goldfish crackers, broken crayons and dust bunnies.

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