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Shes All Fat

Everything about this podcast is delightful, from the opening theme song to the fact that they refer to all of their listeners as “Hannah.” Here is a podcast that wants to learn as much as it wants to teach. April K. Quioh & Sophie Carter-Kahn, the hosts of Shes All Fat podcast, never assume ultimate knowledge on any topic. Also, these two are great friends and that is apparent in their interactions with each other.

“The podcast for body positivity, radical self-love, and chill vibes ONLY. Join Sophie and April to talk about current events, popular culture, and the intersections between fatness and feminism.”

The focus of the podcast is body positivity and how it relates to everyday life. I have to admit my favorite part of the podcast is when Quioh and Carter-Kahn talk about the media trends they are obsessed with. I have spent many happy hours clicking links on the show notes, from Marvin Gaye singing the national anthem to a cheeky and delightful British TV show that brightened an otherwise emotionally draining weekend.

Another regular feature of the show is when the hosts go through movies and talk about how fat people are portrayed. I agree that this is an often overlooked aspect of film criticism. It’s lazy and shallow to use a person’s weight as an indication of their character, either good or bad.

And finally, their bookclub is excellent. Here’s their blurb, always better than what I can come up with. “We’re going to start out with Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings. Each week, we’ll read a chapter together as a team and a community! Sophie will include some questions and exercises both in the top of each episode of the pod, and we’ll have even more detail in the show notes, and on this page too!”

This podcast has it all. Listen up, you won’t be sorry.

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