She's All Fat Goes to Camp

She’s All Fat Goes To Camp

I love the She’s All Fat Podcast. But this episode, SAF Goes To Camp, is a keeper among keepers. It’s about the experience of going to fat camp as a young child or teenager.

It’s important to remember that nothing about this episode is about pointing fingers or blaming mommy. It’s about one more aspect of fat shaming that permeates our culture. 

Thinness is a product businesses are selling. And if you reach and maintain happiness with your body and your relationship with food, those businesses won’t have anything to sell you. But if they sell you a flawed process then they can keep selling, because you will never reach your goal.

Think about it, the companies selling you a solution are often the companies telling you that you have a problem. This book isn’t telling you what your problem is. This book is telling you that diets do not work and you have to stop dieting or those diets will ultimately ruin not just your health, but also your happiness.

The final section of the episode talks about a modern day response to fat camp. I want to go to there. It looks wonderful. Here is a link to a quick Vice documentary about the camp. 

“Annette Richmond is the founder of Fat Camp, a body-positive camp for fat people that isn’t focused on dieting or exercise. Instead, a weekend at Camp is one full of affirmations, self-love practices, and fun outdoor activities.”

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