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We have recommended the  Savage Lovecast podcast before but I want to recommend one episode in particular. Episode 613 begins with a caller talking about a coworker who often says offensive things about African Americans and women then, when he gets called on it, tries to pretend that he is just kidding. The caller wants to know if they should report their coworker. Savage’s response begins with comments I want to remember. He says that calling the police on an African American is putting that person’s life in danger. Yes. This is true. Think very carefully before you call to report a non-life threatening situation.

He then takes a call from a woman concerned that her weight gain has negatively impacted her sex life with her boyfriend. Savage has taken some hits about his views on body shaming and in this call he demonstrates what it means to be a human in progress. He is open about how he struggles with keeping his body in the shape he wants it in and he is gentle, warm and helpful to a fellow human living in that same space.

This is a stand-out episode in an outstanding podcast and I highly recommend you give it a listen. There is swearing and frank discussions about sex. Not safe for work or kids or parrots.

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