Brene Brown Reading Challenge

Recent Works by Brené Brown

I sincerely hope that every single one of you is familiar with the work of Brené Brown.  If you’re not, watch her TED talk on vulnerability right now. See, isn’t she delightful and smart and engaging?  If you read our talent crush about Brené last month, then you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of her work and her recent books are no exception.

I recently re-read Daring Greatly, Rising Strong and Braving the Wilderness.  Each work tackles a different subject.  In Daring Greatly, Brown encourages readers to step into the ring, take chances and find your passion, even if it means falling down and getting bruised.  Rising Strong digs deeper into the experience of the inevitable failures that life brings.  She talks not only of picking oneself up after a fall, but really leaning into the emotions of the failure to learn, grow and rise up stronger than you were before.  Braving the Wilderness calls on readers to seek belonging through authenticity, which is tricky in today’s superficial, polarized landscape.

Each of these books offer concrete, thoughtful exercises, along with lots of data and research to back it all up.  And unlike most other self help books, Brown doesn’t pretend she’s got it all figured out and make you feel like an asshole for not knowing what you’re doing.  Her books are gentle, funny, real and sometimes raw. So if you’re feeling a little stuck, pick one up and see if it resonates with you. Happy reading!

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