I love Quizzitive. It is a fun little app game developed by the good people who bring you the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I will pause here to say how much I enjoy dictionary webpages. Oxford English Dictionary has a good one as well.

But I digress. Quizzitive is word nerdy fun at it’s best. There are four different games within each level and if you pay for the game, which I did and which I hardly ever do because I am cheap…ahem, careful with money, there are ten levels. I have played through the entire game more times than I can count and I swear I keep getting the same words wrong every time.

I cannot be taught.

But maybe you can. Quizzitve is a fun way to while away a few minutes in line or waiting for your kid to get out of school or whatever it is you are standing around waiting to have happen. Sure, you can look around and pay attention to your surroundings but didn’t we all stop doing that when print media became cheap? Newspapers, magazines and paperbacks are what we once used to ignore each other and now we have our phones, which are much easier to carry around and bonus, no one can judge you on what you’re reading.

But if you are giggling we all know you’re looking at something naughty.

And good for you.


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