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Pros and Cons of Amazon

Do I own more stuff I don’t need because of how convenient Amazon is or do I have everything I need when I need it because of how convenient Amazon is? Let’s go over my own personal pros and cons of Amazon.

“If I don’t like it/need it/have room for it I can always return it.” I say this all the time when buying stuff from Amazon. Stuff like swim clothes for Six in a size I am not certain will fit him but it’s June and all his swim clothes from last year are stained and shredded. Stock up on beach towels, even though the ones we have are still in one piece. But beach towels are like paper clips in that they come and go in groups. One day you have 500 paperclips and 7 beach towels and a week later you are down to one paperclip and not a beach towel to be found in house, car or neighbor’s yard.

This is how I shop. Obviously I buy what we need but then I try to shop for the future. I have been a mom for 23 years and I have seen some shit. There’s some of it I can’t shop my way out of (3 year olds and puberty) but for everything else there is Amazon.

So there is definitely something positive in being able to sit at my computer, drinking an adult beverage while wearing pajamas, and stress shop for the summer. Do I buy more than I need? Sometimes, but mostly I hit my numbers. By summer’s end everything I bought for the season is either missing or destroyed so I don’t have to worry about finding a place to store it for next year.

But the dark side of Amazon is that there are times when I overbuy out of fear or anger or more than the usual wash of daily stress and anxiety. I worry that we watch too much TV and so I buy a book of science experiments and all the stuff we’ll need to do a few of them. Then we never get around to it because we would rather watch We Bare Bears.

Sometimes I shop for the family I wish we were rather than the one we actually are. The truth remains that I can’t buy a life where we rarely turn on the TV and then only watch it for The State of the Union or something else highbrow like that. Six and I don’t look like the families on TV or the families in advertisements or even the families in children’s books. There’s no dad in our house, he lives somewhere else. It’s just us. Sometimes Older Son comes to visit but those visits are few and far between.

Our family is small. I can’t get Six a bigger family, like the ones he sees on TV or in books, online. And so there is the con of Amazon. You can’t buy your children happiness. But you can get enough beach towels to last from June until the last weekend in September.

And, for now, that is going to have to be enough.

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