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Oh Pinterest. What a time sink you are. And how I love you, mostly for leading me to Apartment Therapy home tours. I have to admit that I never look at Pinterest on my phone, it is laptop time sink only. And I mostly look at it when I am fooling myself that I am working. I am not.

The thing is, Pinterest has been useful. I needed an idea for how to corral Six’s art supplies and found a really good idea for an art cart. Here’s a funny story. When Six’s art supplies outgrew the art cart I gave the cart to Older Son who turned it into a bar.

When I had a pipedream of turning my 500 square foot detached garage into a little apartment, the first thing I did was start a Pinterest board. Then I came to my senses and sold my house. But the point remains that Pinterest is a place to test drive ideas as well as get concrete solutions to little household problems.

At least that is how I use it. I also have an entire board of book recommendations as well as a board called Tuesday dinners where I pin easy recipe ideas for my most problematic night of the week. I have made exactly zero of these recipes. But I have read many of the books I found.

And as most anyone with a passing knowledge of what Pinterest is, knows about Pinterest fails.

The only thing better than a beautifully turned out tablescape is a disastrous Cookie Monster cake.

I have to say my new Pinterest obsession is van life. I would never live in a van on purpose (I love things too much) but the images and stories and links to the lives of people who choose this life fascinate me. Long live Pinterest.

And Apartment Therapy home tours.


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