Period tracker apps

Period Tracker App

I have started using a period tracker app. I have a habit of forgetting that my hormones impact how I feel. About three times a year I will go through a few hours (sometimes a whole day) thinking that I am a hopeless loser who has squandered all the opportunities life has given me. During this time, I also believe that I am old and unattractive. I think that I have been a bad parent, a mediocre friend, a general waste of space.

And then my period starts and I think, ‘Damn hormones. I’m not killing it by any stretch of the imagination, but I am not a total waste of space.’ And then I am back to my normal generally sunny (I think) disposition. I was recently sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore, but we’ll deal with that later. (UPDATE: Upon being told I was sorted into Hufflepuff, someone near and dear to me snorted and said, “Take the quiz again.” I am now a Ravenclaw.)

Enter the period tracker app. It is helping me to cut those negative thoughts off before they get started. I will begin to descend into the basement of my psyche and then I will think, ‘Check that tracker app thingy.’ 90% of the time it is hormones that have opened the door to the dank and stinky thought basement. The other 10% of the time I was either getting sick or being overly dramatic. A good night’s sleep cleared up both instances.  

I use Life Period Tracker which offers a very simple version for free. There are other options available but I don’t need them so I use the free version and it is great. You enter a bit of info about your period. It has notifications you can switch on that send you a reminder 2 and 3 days before your period is predicted to begin. You can also keep track of your mood. I tend to forget to do this part since I forget about the tracker between periods. I only remember to engage with it a few days before my period.

I have never managed to keep track of my period before so this is new for me. I like it. Of course I just figured out the benefits of tracking my period a decade or so away from menopause, but better late than never. So give one of these things a try. It might help you keep perspective on your thoughts. Or it might not be very useful to you. Let us know either way.

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