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Pantsuit Nation Podcast

The Pantsuit Nation podcast is a spin off from the wildly popular Facebook group formed by Libby Chamberlain during the 2016 Presidential election.  She created the group in late October 2016 to invite 30 friends to wear pantsuits to the polls in honor of Hillary Clinton’s signature attire.  Within 24 hours the group skyrocketed to 24,000 members and by election day there were close to 3 million members.

The secret Facebook group was a particularly cathartic experience after the devastating loss on election night.  It was a place where frustrated, sad, scared, angry people could share their experiences in a safe place away from internet trolls.  Today there are over 3.8 million members who continue to use the platform to share their personal stories.

Libby and her team of volunteers and moderators could have left it all online, but spurred on by encouraging words from Hillary herself, they turned their disappointment into activism.  In addition to a book of stories, inspired by Pantsuit Nation members, they launched a weekly podcast in July 2017. The podcast is hosted by Libby Chamberlain and the Executive Director of Pantsuit Nation, Cortney Tunis.  Each week they spend a little time talking about current events, then they interview a political activist.  

In the episode from March 29th, they talk with Lizzie Ulmer of the Democratic Attorneys General Association.  She provided fantastic insight about the incredibly important role of Attorneys General in our democracy and gave a great list of suggestions for engaging with the Attorney General from your state.  They close out the podcast with a Call to Action, giving listeners a simple, concrete way to engage with our democracy and finally award a Golden Pantsuit to a woman activist doing great things. It’s informative and inspiring.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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