our new movie night

Our New Movie Night

Felicia and I watched Logan Lucky on Saturday night. She was on her couch 200 mikes away from where I was on mine. Took us a bit to sync up the sound but aside from that it was great fun to watch a movie together. Our new movie night wasn’t so bad, especially if you find a movie as charming as Logan Lucky.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Rebecca Blunt, a pseudonym for Jules Asner, Soderbergh’s wife, Logan Lucky is a charming, slyly funny and well-crafted heist movie starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig. You read that right. I proposed we watch the movie without even know what it was about, simply based on those three names.

Felicia is crazy for Adam Driver and I tend to lose the power of speech when Daniel Craig turns on the charm and Channing Tatum is America’s sweetheart. They could have spent two hours arguing over a Denny’s picture menu and I would have watched it.

Luckily the movie was very good. We got confused a couple times but that was because we were distracted at the beginning trying to sync up the sound on our two TVs. There was a lot of, “I’m confused.” and “Wait, is that his sister or his…oh, it’s his sister. I get it. Sorry.”

I wonder when we will return to movie theatres. I think we will, the experience is so closely tied to ancient rituals of collective entertainment. We’ve spent millennia packed into uncomfortable seats, irritated beyond bearing by our noisy neighbors, and I seriously doubt we will give it up anytime soon. Maybe a trip to the movie theatre will be more of an occasion, the way it is going to a musical or a play or whatever other live performance you don’t mind shelling out 45 bucks a head to see.

Our new version of movie night was fun but I miss the movie theatre because when we all laugh together or gasp as one or there are sniffles and furtive searches for those woefully inadequate napkins to mop up unexpected tears, there is nothing like experiencing those emotional highs and lows among my fellow humans.

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