I used to have lists everywhere. They mostly lived on the backs of envelopes but ever since I signed up for ebills, the envelopes have dried up. Post it notes are too small for the psychotically detailed lists I make so I finally joined the modern world and started making lists on my cell phone. And so I discovered the magic of the notes app on the iphone.

I am certain android phones have a similar app and it is probably better but I am not technically savvy enough to own an android. I have to have all apple products because I have no technical ability whatsoever. Apple is all icons and point and click. Think about it, children who can’t read can successfully navigate all of their products.

But, as usual, I digress.

The notes app allows me to write lists. Ever since they put in the option to add a little bubble next to the task that when you click it turns into a check mark…swoon. I break my general list up into three categories.

  1. At Desk: this is all my work for Persistiny and then all the other stuff I have to do to be a responsible adult and parent. This also includes the endless fucking phone calls I have to make.
  2. At Home: this is stuff that is out of the ordinary like hanging up a picture (something I will probably never do) and repot plants (that is more likely since I really like plants) and other home improvement things I may or may not get to
  3. Out in the world: that is just the mindless running of errands every human has to do. Bill Gates probably runs errands. It should be death, taxes and errands.

And then I fill in what I need to do for the week. Whatever doesn’t get done gets moved to the next week and if I see it on the to-do list for longer than a month I either remove it and admit I will never do it or I do it first thing Monday morning (that is when the list gets turned from one week to the next). If I am away from my desk I can still get my weekly list together because it lives on my phone and not some random envelope.

Something else I like about the notes app is that is generally where I write my poetry. Felicia and I were at a speaking event a few weeks ago and as we were waiting for the event to begin I became irritated with the crowd and wrote a not very nice poem about the people in it. Felicia liked it.

The notes app is a bit of technology that has really helped me stay organized and vent my spleen. What more could a crabby mom ask for?

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