Nina Simone

Nina Simone

If you think you have never heard the Nina Simone version of ‘Sinnerman’ then listen here and you will probably say, “Oh, I have heard this in tons of movies and TV shows.” And then you will probably listen to the entire song because it is beautiful.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

See, you’ve heard it a million times and yet it remains stunning. Unlike quality critics, I have little ability to talk about artists I am in awe of. I have attempted a few sentences here and they are all pretty much stupider than the last. Also, Sinnerman is playing in the background (I want to make sure the link is good all the way to the end of the song) and that is distracting me because I keep staring out the window and grinning. The song begins at a run and just keeps getting faster and more desperate and Simone never once loses track or control of it.

Simone once said, “when you’ve got the audience hooked, you always know because it’s like electricity hanging in the air.”

Even when listening to a recording of Simone, her talent is such that the electricity snaps and flows.

There are many ways to learn about Simone’s life, career and legacy.

The official Nina Simone website is a loving and informative treasure trove of information.

There is also the excellent documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone? The movie was produced by Simone’s only child, Lisa Simone Kelly, an artist in her own right.

And then there is always the music. Simone recorded about 40 studio and live albums from 1959 until around 1994. Spotify has an excellent selection of her work and there are many recordings on youtube. People share music lots of different ways in the modern world. I don’t know about most of them. However, look for Simone, I bet you will find her work there.

Let the electricity flow.

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