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Newsletters are News Again

I am weary of social media. The snide comments. The inflammatory headlines for boring articles. The ordinary people setting themselves up as experts on topics actual experts spent decades becoming knowledgeable about. The endless ads for washable shoes and girdles. I just want a guide to interesting destinations around the internet.

Enter the old fashioned newsletter! Not the mimeographed trifold the local “left-leaning loonies” (as papa called them) used to send out every month to your nana. Here’s an example of one from the Nassau County Library Association. The part about Bellflower, California putting a Christian Bookstore out of business in hopes of getting rid of massage parlors is probably my favorite part.

The modern day emailed newsletters are treasure troves of links to interesting, challenging and sometimes downright hilarious corners of the internet. Overwhelmingly, these are places trolls find no traction. The comment sections are either nonexistent or carefully moderated. 

I have three newsletters I love. Give them a try. Newsletters can help you curate your inbox so you no longer enrage yourself on facebook.

Ann Friedman Weekly just sent out one where she talks about IKEA 

“But nothing is quite like Ikea when it comes to evoking a feeling of being between “what was” and “what’s next.” A feeling of trying to take concrete action without all the relevant information. Of trying to pause the disorienting spin of change with some practical shelving, a couch that will suffice until something nicer can be purchased, and a throw pillow or two.” 

Then she included a syllabus full of things to read and listen to during the process of mending a broken heart. My favorite suggestion is, “Just pick one sad album and listen to it over and over again, loudly.”

Monica Hubbard’s Wired Women is a weekly newsletter full of news items, housing and job tips and other random bits of information about events in and around Pasadena, California. I cannot recommend it enough. If you don’t live in the Pasadena area but are looking for something similar, one of the best resources is your local friends and family network. Send out an ask through email or text for a good newsletter focused on community events. Someone in your network probably knows of one. 

And of course, we have our own newsletter. It is small and sometimes it goes away for a week or so but it always comes back better than ever! 

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