My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder

Older Son loves My Favorite Murder. It makes me more nervous than usual since it is about murder. My mom was convinced one of us would be murdered the moment we stepped foot out of the house. We lived in a rural area. Not In Cold Blood rural, more ‘there is open farmland between towns’ rural. We lived in the town. That being said, I was from an area where creepy shit regularly happens. The San Joaquin Valley is quite a place. Look it up.

Anyway, My Favorite Murder is the most fun you will ever have listening to two people talk about a grisly topic.

Also, they give excellent advice.

“You’re in a cult. Call your dad.”

“Get a job. Buy your own shit. Stay out of the forest.”

“If you meet a person [and] you get the weird feeling in your gut, absolutely trust yourself and get out of there.”

And finally

“Donate $50 dollars to your local library, keep all your fingers.”

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