Mom and Dad are Fighting

Mom and Dad are Fighting

I have to admit that I don’t like advice podcasts. You know, the shows where people call in or write in with their very real and complicated problems then the hosts dispense thoughtful, solid advice. Slate’s podcast Mom and Dad are Fighting Podcast is exactly that. And yet it isn’t boring.

There are usually three hosts who being the show by talking about their parenting triumphs and failures, some of which are pretty funny.

The topics covered over the past few weeks were:

  • what to tell your kids when you’re getting a divorce but staying in the same home
  • Why aren’t good husbands pulling their weight in the house?
  • Your kids failed the gifted and talented test. Now what?

And so much more. The Mom and Dad are Fighting Podcast is a good listen for any parent struggling through the day to day ups and downs of bringing kids through the challenges of being human.

There are a remarkable number of parenting podcasts out there. I tend not to like them. Why? Well, parenting tends to be personal and podcasting is all about having a point of view. My kids are hilariously far apart in age (16 years) but they are not only children. Despite what people tell me, it is impossible to have 2 only children. Parenting podcasts tend to have themes and are attempting to reach niches.

Most of the parents I know, once you start to get to really know the facts of their lives, defy niches.

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