Madeleine Albright Talent Crush

Madeleine Albright

If ever I needed someone to tell me what to do about North Korea, I would choose Madeleine Albright. Few people know as much about fascist regimes as Albright. Like millions of people, Albright’s life was shaped by the violence of fascist regimes in the early half of the 20th century. Albright was the first female Secretary of State. She also oversaw some of the more controversial decisions the Clinton administration made, both at the U.N. and as Secretary of State.

Albright’s latest book, Fascism: A Warning, examines the growth of authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe, North Korea, Turkey and Russia. The book also takes on what she sees as the growing threat of fascism in America. When Madeleine Albright says you might be looking at a possible fascist problem in your country, you might want to pay attention. Remember, her specialty has been following the development of fascist regimes around the world.

Here is Albright’s take on President Trump, “I think that he is the most anti-democratic president that we have had in modern history and that his instincts are really in that direction.” And what direction would that be? The direction of an authoritarian leader.

So don’t read her latest book before bed, you won’t get much sleep. Albright’s memoir, Madam Secretary, is a wonderfully written book so take that one to bed with you. Albright is not without her detractors and she would be the first person to say she is not perfect. That being said, Albright is a figure worth getting to know, not only for her thoughts on the dangers of authoritarian rulers but also as a witness to the horrors those leaders have unleashed on the world.

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