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Loveseat Vintage

I have bought a lot of furniture from Loveseat Vintage. You have to live in Southern California to really use this service but if you do, I highly recommend it. Loveseat is an online retailer that sells second hand furniture and home accents. Right now they have a remarkable number of wicker framed mirrors. One would think they would have those mirrors for awhile. I bet in a week most of them will be sold.

And a great aspect of the site is you can buy something then if you go down to pick it up and don’t like it, there is no obligation to keep it. They refund your money and you can wander around their enormous warehouse to see if there is anything else that catches your fancy.

They also deliver and the fees are very low. Also, the people who do the delivery are very nice and helpful.

I can’t afford new good, solid hardwood furniture so second hand is an option I have been choosing for years. Usually I go to thrift stores but many of them don’t deliver and their stock comes and goes so fast you have to go daily when on the hunt for a particular item. I spent nearly a year wandering through my local thrift and second hand shops before finally finding the dining table of my dreams. Let me see if I can find a picture of it. I can’t but trust me, it’s lovely.With Loveseat I check everyday and when I find what I want I buy it and either drive down to pick it up or have it delivered.

Okay, I just checked back and there is a staggering amount of wicker. Chairs and desks and foot rests and plant stands. Never liked wicker, it seems sneaky. Like maybe it will snag my hair and make me look like an idiot when I stand up. No sure way to know.  

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