Podcast Love

Podcast Love

I used to be a voracious reader. It was my thing. As a child, there was a high probability that you could find me with my nose deeply buried in a book. It was one of the few reasons that I got in trouble, either because I was ignoring my mother when she called me, or I was sneakily reading under the covers with a flashlight way past my bedtime. I absolutely loved losing myself in a story and I still do. The problem is that now I’m a grown up, with all sorts of responsibilities and people who depend on me. And that has put a serious cramp in my reading. Enter Podcast Love.

When I read a book, I’m gone. If it’s a good book, it captures all of my attention. I will ignore work, errands, my home, food, and sleep to plow through that story until the end. Therein lies the problem. When my poor, sweet children would dare to interrupt my reading, I became a very, not nice person. I would lash out and then, when I re-entered my sanity, feel at best, sheepish and at worst, truly ashamed of my behavior.

What to do for a girl who needs stories in her life? TV and movies are great, but most don’t capture my attention in the same way. And then, as I was mourning my identity as a well read woman, I discovered the joy of the podcast.

I LOVE podcasts, I mean really love them. Let me prove it by counting the ways:

  • They allow me to listen to and learn about an endless variety of topics; news and politics, sex and relationships, psychology, economics, history, business, science, body positivity, culture, comedy, so many things!!!
  • I can listen while I’m doing other things
  • They’re always with me – in my phone
  • I can discover new ones on a whim, with a quick search
  • They’re relatively short and I can choose one to enjoy based on how much time I have
  • For some reason, I don’t get as cranky when I’m interrupted while listening
  • I find listening to people’s voices adds a personal, intimate element to the experience
  • They’re usually free and when I find my favorites, I can feel good about supporting a product that I believe in by donating, or supporting their advertisers
  • There’s a wide diversity of voices and stories
  • I can annoy my friends and family by spouting newly learned information and insisting that they listen to the corresponding podcast

To my great delight, Aileen loves podcasts as much as I do. We’re constantly discussing them and recommending them to one another. And now we get to share our podcast love with you!

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  1. Noel
    Noel says:

    I can completely relate – while I can’t give up my books entirely (sorry for the distraction family!), podcasts are a new love.

    Judge John Hodgman has proven a great listen with my 16 yo who introduced me to it! & with my cell phone hooked up by Bluetooth to my modern car, my current podcast will often simply start playing when I get in the car. I usually pause when the kids are around (& try to get them talking) but on he way to/fro pickup/dropoff, I immediately pick up where I left off!


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