Let it Go by Dame Stephanie Shirley Reading Challenge

Let IT Go by Dame Stephanie Shirley

Stephanie Shirley became a refugee at the age of 5, fleeing the Nazis in Vienna. “I came close to annihilation at the outset of my life, and deep down I remain a refugee,” Shirley writes at the end of her remarkable memoir, Let IT Go.

I will say that this is an excellent book, full stop. The fact it is the autobiography of one extraordinary woman’s extraordinary life makes it all the more amazing. I can’t recommend Let IT Go enough. Shirley’s journey as an entrepreneur would make one compelling story but her often heartbreaking journey as the mother of a son with autism acts as the soul of her narrative. Instead of turning inward with grief when her son died relatively young at the age of 35, Shirley translated her grief and loss into benefit for hundreds if not thousands of people through her philanthropy.

This book is by no means an easy read but I think it is important. “How do I live a life worth saving?” isn’t a question I have ever asked myself. After reading this book, I think about that question at least once a day.

Be advised, Shirley isn’t a ‘nice lady.’ She has had public and private fallings out with many of the people she has worked with over the years. In the book, she gives her side of the story, says the other person would have it differently and leaves it at that.

It just occurred to me that her story would make an excellent series on Netflix. I would totally watch it. Hear that Netflix? Get cracking, I’ve finished The Crown and I need more British accents.

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