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Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell tells the story of how her mom sat her down and told her if she ever feels sad and dark to get help. She obviously tells it better than that but it’s her story so please watch here or read here or both.

Her story triggered my memory of when my dad did pretty much the same for me. And that is what led to the rather lengthy post on Monday. No, I am not blaming the wonderful Ms. Bell. I’m just saying that hearing other people’s stories often triggers memories of our own.

And that is exactly why Bell decided to start talking about her struggles with mental illness. The fact is that humans are social animals. Part of being a social animal is not wanting to cause your fellow animals trouble or discomfort. When you struggle with a mental illness there are times when you are troublesome for others. So we often try to keep our troubles to ourselves.

But what we are doing is robbing people of the chance to do what social animals love to do which is help each other!

So follow Bell’s example. Tell someone something they might not have known about you. Maybe they have a similar story and just needed someone else to speak up.

Thank you, Kristen Bell.

P.S. I loved Veronica Mars.  1(800) 273-8255

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