Little girl using laptop computer

Khan Academy

You can learn anything.
For free. For everyone. Forever.

The first page of Khan Academy’s webpage has the above words front and center. Everytime I see it I get tears in my eyes. There are places in our shared world where people struggle daily for basic necessities. But, if they can get to a computer or smartphone with some power attached to it and some way to get online (these three hurdles are insurmountable in many parts of our shared world), a person can learn. An adult, a child, a teenager, exhausted new parents stuck awake with a fussy baby at two o’clock in the morning. Anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Online communities get a lot of attention, mostly for violent and/or disgusting reasons. Khan Academy doesn’t get enough attention for being an online community dedicated to educating anyone able to clear those three hurdles. Maybe it’s because I’m 45, but this astounds me. For thousands of years only a few humans at a time were what moderns would consider educated. And now? Just a few clicks away and there is math by subject, math by grade, science & engineering, computing, arts & humanities, economics & finance, test prep, college, careers & more. More? What more is there?! You’ll have to go and find out.

And there is an app you can download on your smartphone that is dedicated to kids. All of this is 100% commercial free. A place on the internet where there is no advertising to kids? Yes. It’s a beautiful outpost in an often ugly and confusing internet. Bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your brain. All are welcome.


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